April 22nd


                                                               Penang Jazz Festival

Hello to all!

It has been two years since we lost Steve. In honor of his memory we are including a rare performance in Penang, Malaysia. Steve felt like he had come full circle playing this concert as this was the last place his family visited before moving back to the States. This  song, ” by Leonard Cohen is one of Alda’s favorites. We are not sure the year Steve was there but if you saw Steve in Penang, please let us know. It will be greatly appreciated. In addition, for a world premiere, the first series of Steve’s instrumentals recorded after
he could no longer play harmonica or sing, are now available when you log on to www.stevewhiteblues.com. It’s an hour and twenty minutes of nonstop recordings (one-take, no over-dubs) from his home studio. He plays different guitars from the Martin, the Streibel and the National – to the incredible whiteboard that he used as his percussion session. For more information go to: http://vimeo.com/64539046

Also, it has been 4 months since our last blog.  A new year arrived and we haven’t stopped work on Steve’s documentary… I know… I know it isn’t finished yet but we are getting closer.  We hope to make this blog more active in the future as well to keep you all informed and involved.

Last week we received concert footage from the Penang Jazz Festival in Malaysia with new songs we didn’t have on video, photographs from Steve’s childhood with his family in US and South East Asia, new instrumentals that Steve recorded at home, some more interviews reflecting on Steve’s life, footage from live concerts at the Del Mar Fair/ Miracles Cafe/ Belly Up and also some more paintings – Thank you so much for your contributions. They are making this documentary much richer and fuller. It’s not easy telling Steve’s life story and weaving it into a compelling work. There are so many details and facets to the man and his journey.

We have been busy with some other projects, (still need to pay the bills), working hard and looking forward to some promotional travel when the project is finished. We are planning a
San Diego area premiere and also one in Steve’s home town of Encinitas.

There are some legal issues regarding the rights to cover songs but Steve wrote so many originals that we are circumventing this due to the costs involved.
We had a few out of town visitors take a look at our work in progress on the new documentary and received very beneficial feedback.

Thats all for now. Hope you enjoy this performance. Your feedback is always welcome.


Warmest regards, Alda and Clint




Steve White’s original “Christmas Eve” song

As it’s Christmas Eve 2012, it’s only fitting to share Steve White’s “Christmas Eve” song with you all.  https://vimeo.com/56225326.

The moment was captured on video in Budapest and can be heard on “Steve White: Live in Budapest” cd. www.stevewhiteblues.com.

When Steve wasn’t touring Europe he liked to spend Christmas with his family, friends and loved ones in New England or in Southern California.

Please enjoy. And have a wonderful holiday season filled with your own family, friends and loved ones.


“When the leaves start turning

You know my thoughts start turning too 

 Christmas season always makes me blue…

 From Encinitas, Ca. to Steve’s Fans & Friends we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Steve always said, “with a box of candy the holidays are always sweeter…” Alda and Clint agree. Click on the link under the picture below for a video treat…

Steve White’s Christmas Season Blues

Through Steve’s website all his cds including his last recording “Home away from Home” plus T-shirts and hats with Steve’s logo are now available for purchase.

Check it out at:


or visit us at stevewhitefilm.com

“Home away from Home” was recorded in Iceland on the summer of 2009 before Steve was diagnosed with cancer and consequently lost his vocal cords.

It contains 10 original songs, a booklet with his paintings and lyrics. Steve was accompanied by professional musicians from Iceland.

Clint is working full time finishing up the documentary. In the next few weeks he will be interviewing Dan Milner (engineer and producer) of “House of Bones” and Allan Sanderson who worked with Steve on the “ Brand New World” and “After the Holidays”.

We hope they will enlighten us on Steve’s recording process, what it was like to work with a One Man Band in the studio and hopefully we will hear stories that have never been told before.

We will be updating the blog and Steve’s website much more often with songs, videos, artwork and bits of interviews. Our goal is to have the websites more alive and connected to you all.

So…If you have any blog ideas, any stories to tell how or when you meet Steve, what is your favorite song, anything you would like to share with us please don’t hesitate to use the comments or send us an email. We want your participation to make this blog like a box full full of candies.

The painting on this blog was done by Steve in 2010, Christmas tree at his aunt’s house in Maine.

Warmest regards from Alda and Clint

Hats & T-shirts now available as well as all Steve White cd’s from stevewhiteblues.com

Steve White loved the holidays and wrote many songs about the holidays. We’ll be writing about those songs and how Steve celebrated the holidays in our upcoming blogs after Thanksgiving. Some of the other topics  that will be talked about are still up in the air but I’m sure we’ll be talking about his paintings, song lyrics which are right out of his journals, the jams with friends that he held at his home, the working process of creating this documentary, some of the European tours that Alda accompanied him on, and of course his sense of humor which is evident in some of his songs like Ladies Mud Wrestling Team, Dog Song, Marvin Mouse, Living Large in My Malibu to name a few. And if you have a topic you would like to hear about please don’t hesitate to comment to us. And this just in.

Home Away From Home CD is available now. With the holidays upon us and as the new film documentary Steve White: Portrait of A One-Man Band is nearing completion Steve’s newest CD makes a great gift to yourself or to someone you love. In addition we still have plenty of t-shirts in m, l and xl available. And the Steve White film hat is a very comfortable cotton relaxed hat with the logo sewn in. One size fits all adults. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday… We have many more interesting blog pages to come.

Thanks for reading and participating too.

Update on the editing of the new documentary: “Steve White: Portrait of A One-Man Band”


In 2009 I was invited to a home concert at a friends house. There was this musician who  was slated as a one-man band.  He was that and so much more. This film is the result of that one night that changed my life when I met Steve White. This blog is about the journey I have been on since that wonderful night.

I have been working daily since August of last year on editing a new documentary on the life of singer-songwriter-artist Steve White. Many of you that knew Steve have stepped forward and sent me concert footage, photos and interviews from all around the world. I am very grateful for this and for you allowing me to use them in my film. In September we launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised almost $10k in one month in order to help with finishing the film and for distribution. I recently interviewed Steve’s brother Ralph who flew out from Virginia and helped add another layer to Steve’s story.

For those that don’t know him, Steve’s story begins as a boy who grew up in Southeast Asia. His love for music began there when he started borrowing his brothers guitar. The film follows his journey from exotic places like Cambodia, Thailand and Laos as he comes back to the states and ends up living on the West Coast in California.

It is a story about the life of a modern-day musician who has to work a regular day job so that he can play music at night. And it’s about the struggle of how Steve worked day jobs and not always pleasant ones. He sold flowers, he demolished buildings with asbestos in them, he worked on a drop crew picking up coins under slot machines in Las Vegas, he painted houses. Whatever he could do to survive in order to keep creating his art.

This film is also a love story and about the loss of love in his wife Maya and how he found it again in a woman from a small island 900 miles off the coast of Portugal named Alda. How these women stood behind him while keeping him, his art and music alive.

Steve’s art wasn’t just in his music but he put it on cardboard, paper and canvas and he often illustrated his journals with his sketches. This film gives you glimpses into his life as told through his journals, his body of work of music and his art and the people in the industry that he worked with, and by his friends and family.

And since Steve was a one-man band, the film explores how and why he became a one-man band. The technique behind playing four instruments; guitar, footboard, harmonica and singing is discussed with people like Jack Tempchin who is now celebrating 40 years since he wrote “Peaceful Easy Feeling” which was played and recorded by the “Eagles” ,Tommy Emmanuel, voted guitarist of the year from Guitar Magazine for several years, and who tours the world playing music, Lee Oskar, who co-founded the group “War” with Eric Burdon, Candye Cane, a blues artist and touring musician, Vicki Genfan, a touring musician and guitarist, Dick Boak, who manages artists for Martin Guitars and Dave Hosler who does the same for Taylor guitars. And Udo Röessner of AER Amplifiers in Germany,who took a chance and brought Steve to Europe after hearing him play at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) show.

It is also about the business of music and of how Steve went from  being a locally known busker in his town of Encinitas, California to eventually touring Eastern Europe representing guitar manufacturers like Martin and the amplifier company AER. In the film you will experience concerts in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Budapest. And Steve will take you along as you hear him play and talk about his experiences.

This film is also the story of how Steve gave back to society. Over the years as he came back to the states from being on tour in Europe, Steve volunteered and would play in nursing homes, cancer wards, alzheimers hospitals, childrens homes and clinics. He was a very humble and giving person and one friend knew him for almost 20 years before he found this out. And of course he wrote songs about many of his adventures. Many times the audience will see the lyrics as taken directly out of his journals as he sings the song.

This is also a film about Steve’s indomitable spirit. Even when faced with the horrible cancer that eventually took his life, Steve endured. He rallied to keep playing and creating art and music and he kept on for another 15 months despite losing his vocal chords which was a devastating loss of two of his instruments. That didnt stop him and he went on until he couldn’t any more.

I will update this blog as new events unfold. It is a constantly evolving story and I will include you in on whats happening with the film as it unfolds. Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome as long as they aren’t from spam. There will be clips posted here as well soon.